“When scientists are lost for words, films give the answers!” – The project be a better being brings together filmmakers and academics in search of a new, adequate language that helps us reflect upon questions challenging contemporary society. … more

The Junge Akademie, in co-operation with the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, filmArche, interfilm Berlin, and the Deutsche Kinemathek, is calling for contributions from filmmakers anywhere in the world to the competition of the forum be a better being.

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Perspectives is an edited collection of short texts, comments, reports etc. on the topic be a better being. This collection is dedicated to present a rich spectrum of views and opinions on be a better being to foster an inspiring exchange between filmmakers and academics.

What would the world be like today if evolution had been guided by different criteria? How would the world look if there were no wars? Which other worlds can you imagine? Is our world the best you can think of?

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