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Before we close our blog we want to praise again the wonderful films which were screened and awarded for the film competition be a better being. All of them where vivid contributions to the discussions and we to make public why the jury has chosen them. More about the  selection process here >>>

Session 1 What a difference a day makes

More about Session 1 here >>>


bacon2Bacon & God’s Wrath by Sol Friedman / Canada 2015 – 9 min

Jury Statement

We were amazed about this poetic documentary. It is – even painful memories are narrated – an optimistic approach to the possibilities for change till the end of a lifetime. It is very intelligent small film with a surprising broad horizon.


Still from

The Learning Alliance by Muhammad Umar Saeed / Pakistan 2016 – 8 min

Jury Statement:

The film gave use an insight into other lifestyles, especially in our issue around concepts and queries of better being the learning alliance grounds our questionnaire. Because it brings in the prospective from the so called 3rd World and the actual urgent ambition to better lifestyles substantially.


dawitDäwit by David Jansen / Germany 2015 – 15 min

Jury Statement:

It is a fascinating animation. In the meantime raw and tender. Telling us about an abandoned child, terribly circumstances, alcoholism and loss. But the end is an emphatic move into forgives, which has a spiritual and very optimistic tone.



Enact by Regan Avery / USA 2016 – 5 min

Jury Statement:

We liked instantly this cynic viral about an App promise (- or lie?) It is radical in pushing the self-optimizing app-culture, even including a spontaneity and other immeasurable. Hilarious and mind clearing.



When I Stop Looking by Todd Herman / USA 2013 – 15 min

Jury Statement:

The film features disfigured faces calmly. We realize precious persons who are worth to look, they are worth to be liked. It brings us close to this persons and is indeed a move to better. The film itself is a contribution to be better. Because we realize that not the people are strange or repellent but our own look to them changes the way of viewing.


Session 2 – Ain´t No Way?

More about Session 2 here >>>



Wir könnten, wir sollten, wir … by David Lorenz / Germany 2015 – 11:30 min

Jury Statement:

The film is a brilliant parody on German (or maybe universal) discrepancy between the moral imperative and really taking responsibility and action. Following the motto: I strongly feel someone else should do something about it.


Eye for an Eye

Eye for an eye by Steve Bache, Mahyar Goudarzi, Louise Peter / Germany 2016 – 4:30

Jury Statement:

It is an intense hybrid between documentary and animation. The Interviews with this prisoner reflect the sense of punishment and the borders for attempts to better. Even it treats an individual destiny works the film also on very reflective and abstract level and activates profound reflections on social as well philosophical perspectives.



Again by Chang (Nico) Gao / USA 2016 – 5:30 min

Jury Statement:

It is an amusing anime in a digital pixel world. But the questions how to bring sense in a life and what is actual possible to change is a very important question. The film replies with an optimistic and funny conclusion to this.



The Trolleybus-Man by Jonas Trukanas / Lithuania 2016 – 15 min

Jury Statement:

Trolleybus Man is hilarious comedy. But much more it features real working conditions and is searching for solutions. That the analog mechanic becomes a hero of the old trolley buses versus the digital development might be fantastic. But the possibility for an analog revolution for self-empowerment is worth thinking.



No Measure of Health by Jessica Hutichson/ Australia 2014 – 11 min

Jury Statement:

It is a well done documentary about civil disobedience, about the personal costs of a campaign to better the world. It is a fascinating reflection of the embroilment between individual and social level within one person. Even individual, we are not alone and the most complicate point is – that an individual meets other individuals, which are sometime the personification of the state / the society.



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You find the Jury Statements Part 2  here >>>

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