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Before we close our blog we want to praise again the wonderful films which were screened and awarded for the film competition be a better being. All of them where vivid contributions to the discussions and we to make public why the jury has chosen them. More about the  selection process here >>>

Session 3 – Another Brick in The Wall

More about Session 3 here >>>



Discipline by Christophe Saber / Switzerland 2014 – 10 min

Jury Statement:

Discipline is a brilliant satire about the condition in the multi-cultural Switzerland. Who did know that Switzerland is multi – cultural, but seriously we took Discipline as miniature of the combating concepts of living, of social tention and hidden aggression in our European societies.



The Disappearance of Willie Bingham  by Matthew Richards / Australia 2015 – 12 min

Jury Statement:

It is a precise and pure told film about the sense of punishment not only for an individual, but also what does the punishment tell us about our own society. It is an extremely intelligent and well done film about a very difficult issue.


mikelis_3_hpMikelis by Marc Bethke / Germany 2016 – 15 min

Jury Statement:

Mikelis brings up a bundle of questions but the most important is the reflection about the value of life. At which point is the demographic concern including the closely watching and evaluating the life span of its inhabitants dangerous. But also on another level, Mikelis is interrogating the value of a human being.



Running Through Life by Helene Moltke-Leth / Denmark 2015 – 8 min

Jury Statement:

Running through life is a reflection of human modern conditions. We were strike by its poetic language and precise visually transmission of the internal state of the person. It is well done portrait of the distress of the life in modern societies.


Session 4 – Don´t stop me now!

More about Session 4 here >>>



Captain Trinidad and Tobago by  Christopher Guinness / Trinidad & Tobago 2013 – 12 min

Jury Statement:

It is a brilliant and funny told film. It uses the Superhero-theme from the perspective of a child, resp. the memory of a now important adult men to express the wish to better nevertheless circumstances are difficult.



A Sense of Warmth by Sven Johne  / Germany 2015 – 15:30 min

Jury Statement:

Excellent narrated and photographed Film of a drop out. We were overwhelmed by the intense entangling of the story narration with the visual narration. In the focus is on all levels process-controlling, mechanistic aspect of her life that she tried to escape finally catches up with her new life and returns in a dark plot that reflects the anthropogenic desire of creating order and putting things right.



Rite of Passage by  Alessia Zampieri  / Italy 2015 – 12 min

Jury Statement:

The film opens up a whole new and different world. It is just beautiful to see and feel the cold darkness as a place where time is different, where people meet in a different state of mind and leave behind race, prejudice and anything else. Spitzbergen is portrayed as a transitional place that however will have long lasting effect on the person that has been there.



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You find the Jury Statements Part 1  here >>>


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