by Helene Moltke Leth

I think it is my job as a filmmaker to stand outside society and look into it, to draw impressions into me. These impressions become ingredients, and the ingredients are finally transformed into a dough. Then the dough must be given a form and baked with precision.

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by Bobby Henzler

The first panel of the forum opened with a short introduction by Philipp Kanske, who explained that be a better being is an experiment due to its unusual concept: The event brings together film-makers and academics to discuss social phenomena in reaction to screenings of films on the topic of “being a better being”. Why exactly does the Junge Akademie want to organize an event like this? In order to make that clear right off the bat, Philipp Kanske quoted Magdalena Nowicka, one of the project leaders: When scientists are lost for words, film gives the answers. The questions scientists ask and investigate are often very similar to the questions posed and explored by film-makers.

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