by Philipp Kanske

The “be a better being” forum in November 2016 screened a short film that turned out to be perceived very differently by different visitors. It was a controversial choice and one I am more than happy to explain.  The film shows people, all of them in simple portrait shots, which the film moves through very slowly. This means the viewer is left with enough time to thoroughly watch each person. Herein precisely lies the “problem”, because everyone we see has suffered an accident or a serious illness that disfigured their face. … more

by Aline Bovin

Aline Bonvin is film maker and part of the filmArche, one of the project partners of be a better being. She directed our project documentary. Bobby Henzler and Aline Bovin worked closely together. Read more about their exchange and the documentary in their conversation about the documentary. … more

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