Enjoy this curated playlist: Watch films and consider the better being



Captain Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Guinness
Trinidad and Tobago
2013 – 12 min

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A 6 year old small boy is longing to become a superhero to deal with the problems he faces in his daily life, learns the true meaning of heroism. A lesson that follows him into adulthood.



Regan Avery
USA 2016 – 5 min

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Enact appears like an advertising for an app that helps you be the person you want to be. Do we wait for such a solution or should we be frightened about?

a-sense-of-warmthA Sense of Warmth

Sven Johne
2015 – 15:30 min

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Mindy’s alleged escape from the digital working environment, her passage to a deserted island, her new life from now on in accordance with herself and nature. This escapism has a price however.




Chang (Nico) Gao
USA 2016 – 5:30 min

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What if life is a series of meaningless routines? And even the attempts to escape, no matter how radical, are just part of the cycle of repetition. Is there any chance to step out?




Daniel Lazo
Israel 2012 –  7:30 min

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In modern life everyone is sorrounded by technical gadgets. They influence everything, and they also influence love. So be aware what you are doing!

lisboaorch5bLisboa Orchestra

Guillaume Delaperrière
France 2012 – 12 min

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What is good for a better being? – Be open to rhythm, enjoy urbanity and neighbourhoods and make your days to a sinfony of weak perception.



Kirill Abdrakhmanov
Germany 2014 – 4 min

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Are you sometimes missing solidarity? – Watch this animation and follow the story of a common individuum that is struggling.

remember-me-ss9-krkRemember me

Jean-Francois Asselin
Canada 2013 – 15 min

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YouTube heroes tend to be perfect in self presentation. Follow this strange example of a man in love who shares his body with his community.


Rupert Jones
England 2007 – 3 min

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Education is well in common sense, but plastic bags are still too common in public and in the see. So: A bit more education is helpful to convince more countries to forbid plastig bags.

centrifuge-3The Centrifuge Brain Project

Till Nowak
Germany 2011 – 6:30 min

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Body experience on the limit! Scientists are creating more adventures and thrills. The human flexibility does follow these technical extensions.

heapoftroubleA Heap Of Trouble

Steve Sullivan
Wales 2001 – 4 min

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Political movement in a small village: This classical shortfilm is a symbol of enthusiastic power far from left or right and far from better or worse.

nofishing21No Fishing

Richard Meitern
Estland 2008 – 3:30 min

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Education as cultural challange: Follow the fishing man and the fish and the hungry family that needs fish and nothing else.

el-empleo-santiago-grasso-2El Empleio

Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso
Argentina 2008 – 6:30 min

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Working conditions can be good an can be bad. But is there a theory of working conditions in general!? – This is the ultimative theory of working conditions. And of capitalism.

followthefrogFollow the frog

Max Joseph
England 2012 – 3 min

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You work, you have family and you recognise what is happening to nature wordwide. So what, of course: You leave your work and your family to save the world!

theoryofThe Theory of Everything

Edward L Dark
England 2012 – 5 min

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This young scientist did not yet receive the nobel price, but he is close to. Because he found the theory of everything. By means of the whole universe. And everything.

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