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18 November 2016 – 6:45 pm

The panel aims to show the interdependence of the individual strive for being a better being, and societal and/or capitalistic demands. Since social systems themselves are quite abstract, the perspective of the movies often derive from individual points of view referring or imagining of reflecting about ‘the’ system. Is it possible to bail out of the demands for process optimization, and to restart one’s life – for instance on an island? Do ways of life far away from societies serve the longing for degrowth and deceleration? Or do even hermits tend to reproduce the systems they grew up in?


Peter Seyferth

He is a political Philosopher and a time critique. In his research he works on labor, on capitalism and tries to stay within his own philosophical concepts of well-being.

Miriam Teschl

Is an economist “by formation” and in her research she has a philosophical approach to economy. At the moment she interrogates “Identity Decisions and Welfare”. She is a researcher at the EHESS-Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales in France.

Alessia Zampieri

Is film maker and the director of “Rite of passage”. She shot the footage for it during a journey to the Arctic Circle. Now she is working as director’s assistant for advertising and movie in Milan, Venice and Rome.



captaintrinidad1Captain Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Guinness

Trinidad and Tobago 2013 – 12 min

A 6 year old small boy is longing to become a superhero to deal with the problems he faces in his daily life, learns the true meaning of heroism. A lesson that follows him into adulthood.

a-sense-of-warmthA Sense of Warmth

Sven Johne

Germany 2015 – 15:30 min

Mindy’s alleged escape from the digital working environment, her passage to a deserted island, her new life from now on in accordance with herself and nature. This escapism has a price however.

riteofpassage1bRite of Passage

Alessia Zampieri

Italy 2015 – 12 min

The search for a women in an unusual environment where sunlight is almost absent leads us to a suspended place, a white desert immersed in darkness, between snowstorms and unusual travelers.

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